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Paul Allen

Photo of Paul Allen, owner of Allen Co Design It! Build It!Originally trained as a carpenter in southern California, I have been in the construction industry since 1975. Working for a well known builder in Eugene for 18 years, I was fortunate to hold many different positions with the company. This provided me with continuing experience in all aspects of the business, among them on-site trade work, estimating, plan design, and supervision.

Now as the owner of my own company, my mission statement is simple – 
“Provide clients with an exceptional process from start to finish.”

Helping clients realize their vision is an exciting thing to do. We sit down and discuss their ideas, which gradually develop into blueprints and ultimately finished projects. Whether it is a small bathroom remodel or a custom home, it has special importance.

I specialize in custom work, that is, I am particularly interested in creating unique work. My goal is to help clients make their homes more beautiful, functional and comfortable.