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“Paul Allen took an idea and turned it into reality–a reality far better than our original idea.

We were redoing our backyard and thought we should also explore extending our utilitarian back porch to a covered area we could use for pleasure, and would tie in nicely with our new patio.

Easier said than done.

We requested bids from 3 different contractors, and all 3 puzzled over how to extend the roof over the newly gained porch space while making it seem as if it had always been there and was not an add-on. Paul figured it out, so we hired him. Very wise move. He and his crew executed the design flawlessly to produce a beautiful covered porch that is fully integrated into the adjoining concrete patio. Paul followed through on every detail, he communicated clearly and regularly with us, and his building crew. The roofing and electrical subcontractors he brought in were excellent.

We are very happy with the stunning results. We strongly recommend Paul.”

– Larry & Linda Lewin

“We hired Paul for a remodel of 2 1/2 bathrooms and a few other small updates. We are very pleased with the results, they exceeded our expectations! Paul had many excellent design ideas, and worked with us to make our ideas a reality. He was very pleasant to deal with, communicative and clear on when and what would be happening, dealt with any situations that came up in a calm and efficient manner, and scheduled the renovations in a way that minimized our inconvenience. His work is top quality, he keeps things clean and organized, and his subs are all friendly, courteous, and skilled. The project was finished on budget, and we highly recommend his services. We would hire him again if we have the opportunity. Our new bathrooms are beautiful!”
– Martha and Ira Aronin, Eugene, Oregon

“The first time I met with Paul Allen about the remodel of my vintage 1930’s home, he looked at my house and said, “I’d like to make the remodel blend, as if it had been built that way all along.” True to his vision, he did.

I lived in my house the entire time Paul and his team removed my roof and attic and added a second story master suite. The project took approximately five months. It was challenging to live one wall away from the construction site, but Paul did his best to keep my home as comfortable and as dust free as possible. From the beginning, I found Paul to be a clear and open communicator, friendly and easy to talk to, as well as being very knowledgeable and skilled about every aspect of his work. I also found Paul’s subcontractors and assistants to be capable, knowledgeable and friendly. I felt comfortable asking them questions as well.

Paul is very efficient and organized and keeps a tidy job site. He kept on schedule and on budget. He gave me lists of fixtures and things that I needed to choose with ample time to make these decisions as well as any other design decisions. Paul has an excellent yet practical design sense. He gave me guidance where I needed it. Although we were often on the same page in terms of design details, he respected and worked with my personal taste. He involved me as much as I wanted to be involved. On my project, we discussed or he kept me informed on most aspects of the job. Any change in the schedule would be followed by an updated spreadsheet.

Any issues or problems that came up, he solved swiftly and calmly. Paul was at the job site every day to work or to check on the progress of others. I was in communication with Paul daily.

Paul plays drums in a band called The Bronc Peeler Experience. The summer after my remodel was completed, the band played in my yard for my birthday party. I invited everyone who worked on the job. I was pleased that many of them came to celebrate my house and my birthday with me. I am so happy with Paul’s work and am really enjoying my newly remodeled home. I recommend Paul Allen without reservation.”
Susan Lowdermilk, Eugene, Oregon

“Working with Paul Allen has been the calm in the storm of home remodel. Ours was extensive–a major addition and interior re-design on a house built in 1922 with significant prior incarnations and remodels. From the initial bidding, through each and every phase, Paul was unwavering in his steady, solid availability and support. He patiently fielded every question (daily), assumed full responsibility for all problem solving, always with the calm of a “Jedi Master.” The quality of Paul’s work, his commitment to insuring quality in all aspects of his company’s work is unparalleled. We couldn’t be more happy. Paul’s commitment to excellence and to our satisfaction was a constant. To this day, months after our project’s completion, Paul still is available to us for the occasional check in. Paul’s aesthetic sensibility, his deft eye for function and form, his easy going, collaborative nature, makes him an extraordinary builder and designer and a pleasure to work with. He has the ear of a counselor, the eye of an artist and the memory of a savant. It has been a pleasure to work with him and he will forever be a part of the dream he helped us create.”
– Andy Traisman Eugene, Oregon

“We agonized over choosing our contractor. Later we marveled at our luck that we managed to get Paul Allen to be our guy. Our new house is beyond gorgeous and working with Paul was a delight. Stuff comes up when you are doing a remodel. Paul keeps his cool while making mishaps go away. He listened to our dreams, worries and visions and created a home we cannot believe that we are lucky enough to live in. Paul Allen is a gem. I would be happy to sing his praises in person. Give me a call or come over and see our house.”
– Lola Broomberg Eugene, Oregon

“After interviewing a number of contractors, we chose Paul Allen because he clearly had the skills and experience necessary, was enthusiastic about our project, and because the communication between us was excellent. Through more than a year of working with him we never doubted we had made the right choice. We further discovered that he cared very much about doing a good job for us at a fair price. We are extremely pleased with the process and the result.”
– Dale Deason & Gayle Smith Eugene, Oregon

“My wife and I had seen a house that Paul had designed and built from the ground up, and it was just beautiful, so we had no hesitancy in contacting him about our kitchen remodel. His design work was thoughtful and impeccable. He helped us every step of the way — with selecting the cabinet maker, the granite supplier, etc., and even sold our old appliances for us. Paul’s construction work is highly detailed and flawless. Our new kitchen is not only beautiful but also much more functional. We recommend Paul without reservation.”
-Tom Wheeler Eugene, Oregon

“We have known Paul for a number of years and have used him for three projects in the last three years; two interior remodels and one exterior deck project. Paul is a pleasure to work with. He works hard and smart, has a good eye for design and is completely dependable. Paul communicates well and stays in touch all through the project. He doesn’t disappear like some contractors do and then reappear without explanation. He also stays focused on the job, minimizing interruptions to the project timelines. Paul’s attention to detail and his craftsmanship are of the highest order. His pride in his work is obvious every step of the way. This fastidiousness adds value to any project and gives a refined and snappy appearance to his finished work. Our friends are also always impressed with the quality of Paul’s work and have admired the results he has achieved – we always get compliments on his efforts. We highly recommend Paul for any project you are considering.”
-Brian and Elizabeth Eugene, Oregon

“Our family set out to move into a home that was built in 1938 and only had 2 bedrooms and 1 bath in a neighborhood we love. We wanted to add on 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a family room, laundry room and mud room, in keeping with the style of the original house. Having had negative experiences contracting for work in the past, we went through an extensive interview, reference check, bid process for this work. Paul stood out as the best fit for us and doing this project. He had just finished a similar scaled addition to a house that we visited. I could see the high quality of the work that Paul coordinated.
Paul was thoughtful in understanding what we wanted, preparing a detailed estimate and schedule. In fact, he asked if we could extend the deadline for submitting estimates so he could finish some work on the job he was currently working on. That was a sign to me that he wouldn’t leave a job unfinished to pursue the next big thing, and he wanted to make sure the estimate was the best he could provide. I was willing to wait because I had a feeling Paul would likely be the contractor we wanted to work with. Well, that estimate turned out to be very accurate which was essential because we were working from a very tight budget.
Paul delivers the whole package. He recommended a designer who we used to translate our vision into functional design that could be built. We couldn’t be happier with the design he created. Paul continued to communicate well during the construction with weekly construction schedules, what decisions we needed to make and when and optional choices we could consider.
During construction and even now, I like to refer to Paul as a conductor of a symphony of craftsmen bringing all of the work together in a coordinated way. I remember one impressive morning when Paul arrived around 7am. Shortly after, several large trucks came down the street maneuvered into the driveway and dropped loads of materials. That scene and several like it continued for the next few months. The neighbors, who were initially concerned about this disruption to the neighborhood, commented on how courteous Paul and his team were as well as how much they enjoyed watching the progress.
The happy ending to this story is that the project was completed weeks earlier than his initial estimate and on budget. He built a 1400 square foot addition to our house – essentially doubling the size. We are now thrilled every morning as we wake up in this house which only a year ago was a dream.”
-Tina and Ken Hoffman Eugene, Oregon

“Paul did a great job all the way around. He came to us with glowing recommendations from other clients and all proved to be true. He was dependable, organized, paid close attention to the budget and details, employed skilled subs, was always on time, worked well with our architect, was very professional, very friendly and always easy to talk to, no matter what question or problem might arise. Now we have the most beautiful kitchen. The only downside was getting used to not seeing Paul every day.”
-Bonnie Souza Eugene, Oregon

“We enthusiastically recommend Paul Allen to anyone who asks us for a contractor reference. Our experience with Paul and Allen Co. Design It! Build It! was completely free of difficulties or issues. Paul was easy to work with and made many helpful suggestions during the project, which improved the final result. The project was finished on budget and ahead of schedule, and we are very happy with his work!”
-Kathy and Mike Eugene, Oregon